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All three men are currently being treated for their wounds in the hospital.

A week after Facebook Live captured the aftermath of the shooting of Philando Castile, there’s been another shooting that was broadcast live on the social media site. This time, reported the New York Times, the incident occurred in Norfolk, Virginia, and it featured three men who were filming themselves in a car before the shooting occurred live on camera. 

According to a police interview with the Times, two of the victims are improving in the hospital but one is still in critical condition. A friend of the three victims identified the one filming as T.J. Williams and the man in the driver’s seat as Dante Rashad Williams, but she told the Times that she did not recognize the third man in the back seat. 

At this moment, it’s unclear what the details of the shooting are, including any information on the suspect.

The video, which can be found here but is not embedded due to its graphic content, starts with T.J. Williams and his friends listening to music in a car while smoking. About six minutes in, several gunshots can be heard as the phone clatters to the floor. Less than a minute after the shooting ends, someone calls for an ambulance.

The video comes just after the girlfriend of Castille streamed the aftermath of his violent encounter with Minnesota police to Facebook Live, demonstrating the platform’s capacity to document violence and the stories of victims of it.

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