You can now follow every single U.S. senator on Twitter


Only 44 percent of the senators, however, are active users. 

As of Friday, all 100 U.S. senators and 90 percent of House of Representatives members are now using Twitter.

Twitter’s @gov account, which tracks “creative & effective uses of Twitter for civic engagement,” released a map of the United States highlighting where tweeting delegates are based. It counts all delegates who’ve tweeted since Election Day.

In a blog post, Twitter noted that 44 percent of senators and 35 percent of representatives were active Twitter users. Now, 29 states have all their senators and representatives sharing their thoughts on the community. You can follow lists of all active senators (including perhaps Twitter’s best worst user, Chuck Grassley) and representatives, if you so choose.

The timing of Twitter’s announcement comes just as President Barack Obama is preparing for Inauguration Day, and shortly after the White House started its official account for First Lady Michelle Obama.

Fingers crossed that with all those delegates tweeting, they’ll pass a law banning anyone from referring to them as “twenators,” “twawmakers,” or anything of the sort.

Photo  by Waldo Jaquith/Flickr, graphic via @gov/Twitter

Kris Holt

Kris Holt

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