EU leaders troll Trump over botched G7 summit

This weekend, President Donald Trump cemented his stance as the Western world’s most petulant president, ditching the G7 summit to hang out with a North Korean dictator, and tweeting angrily on his way out the door.

After reportedly agreeing on the wording of a joint statement, Trump backed out of it after he left, enraging American allies like Germany and France.

Trump continued the tirade on his way to meet Kim Jong-un.

The rift between Western Europe and America frightened observers, as one stated goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been to undermine the NATO alliance that’s stood in opposition to Russia since World War 2.

And while that’s a bit frightening, it led to a few good tweets (which honestly in this day and age is all we can ask for).

Here is , former Belgian Prime Minister and current Brexit coordinator for the EU parliament.

Trump is notoriously independent, so it’s unlikely he would ask for help. But the image over a glowering Merkel swiftly became a meme.

It got so popular that even Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, posted it to Instagram.

Looks like the EU won this round, at least from an internet perspective.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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