An interview with Erika Andiola of RAICES Texas on immigration and DACA

Erika Andiola

Andiola is the new Chief Advocacy Officer at RAICES Texas.

The government shutdown that President Donald Trump implemented to get a border wall ended, but refugees from all over the world continue to be affected by the administration’s policies.

RAICES Texas is a nonprofit that provides legal assistance to refugees who are being detained in the U.S. The Daily Dot politics team spoke with new Chief Advocacy Officer Erika Andiola about the state of U.S. immigration today, the proposed border wall, and immigration platforms in the 2020 presidential race.

Andiola is herself a DACA recipient; she came to the U.S. at age 11, from Mexico, and has worked in organizing for immigrant rights in several capacities since she was a college student. 

Ellen Ioanes

Ellen Ioanes

Ellen Ioanes is the FOIA reporter at the Daily Dot, where she covers U.S. politics. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, and her work has appeared in the Guardian, the Center for Public Integrity, HuffPost India, and more.