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He also mentions Blackberries, so he might not be *that* cool.

Crypto is cool.

Here are three flavors of proof: First, encryption is at the center of a global political battle. Second, the new film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a big encryption scene. And lastly in the triumvirate of trendy, a Dutch hip-hop artist is bragging about encryption.

Dutch rapper Kosso included a verse in a recent track that translates as, “My boys have Blackberries, but they don’t ping. PGP, but you probably wouldn’t understand.”

Who’s down with PGP? Every last homie.

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, and it’s the technology that kicked off the first American debates over encryption two decades ago. 

But if you’re still using this particular combination of technology (Blackberry phones and PGP), Dutch police may be reading your messages anyway.

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