This is the only video you need to watch about Ebola

What’s the appropriate response to the ongoing Ebola “outbreak” in the United States? Start stockpiling food? Pull your kids out of school? Repent your sins and pray for salvation? 

None of the above—because there is no “outbreak,” at least not in the U.S. While it’s true that the virus has wreaked havoc across West Africa, killing thousands, the situation is very different in America.

Fox News host Shepard Smith provided some welcome clarity on the issue, using his show to admonish politically motivated misreporting and fear-mongering. There is a real threat facing America, Shepard cautions—but it’s not what you think.

Smith’s no-nonsense approach is long overdue—but are the other networks going to follow suit? Take a look at CNN’s coverage, and decide for yourself:

When a Fox News host is the voice is reason, you really have to despair.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via Brian Stetler / YouTube

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Rob Price

Rob Price

Rob Price is a technology and politics reporter who served as the U.K.-based morning editor for the Daily Dot until 2014. He now works as the news editor for Business Insider, and his work has appeared in Vice, Slate, the Washington Post, and the Independent.