Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump blast each other in Twitter fight

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So far, Warren is landing more punches than Trump.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump already has nicknames for former GOP rivals Marco Rubio (Little Marco), Ted Cruz (Lyin’ Ted), and John Kasich (1-for-38 Kasich), and lately, he’s been trying out a new one on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Crooked Hillary) to prepare for their probable general election fight.

But when the billionaire businessman attempted to bestow an insulting nickname on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren—who’s been whispered about as a potential vice-presidential pick for Clinton and who has already called Trump a “loser” (a term he must absolutely loathe)—she fought back and hit him even harder.

Earlier this week, Warren tweeted that Trump has “built his campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia” and that there’s more enthusiasm from the KKK about his presumed nomination than the leaders of his own party.

Trump responded Friday.

It took Warren less than 90 minutes to return the insults.

As of Friday night, Trump had yet to respond to Warren’s latest social media attacks. Trump was probably getting himself something to eat.

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