Pro-Bernie Sanders hackers make Dallas roadsigns say ‘Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard’

Cars on a highway at night

Photo via Tobias Wutzow/Flickr

The roadside vandal strikes again!

At least four roadside construction signs were hacked overnight in Dallas, Texas.

Drivers along Interstate 30 encountered two signs Monday morning, both reading: “Bernie Sanders for President.”

Another told commuters to “Go back home” because “work is cancelled.”

An additional two signs were discovered flashing a message reading: “Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard.”

The Texas Department of Transportation is currently investigating the sign hacking. 

Electronic road signs, which are notoriously easy to hack, have been targeted by pranksters frequently in the Lone Star State. Last summer, drivers along Central Expressway in Dallas were greeting by a sign that simply read: “DEEZ NUTS.” Hacked signs in Austin as far back as 2009 have warned commuters about hoards of Nazi Zombies along the Interstate 35. 

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