Here’s a 10-minute video of people hugging Dallas police officers

It’s been one of the worst weeks in recent American history. Alton Sterling was shot by police Tuesday morning, and the next day, some of the last moments of Philando Castile’s life were shown on Facebook Live after he, too, was shot by police. Then, the streets of downtown Dallas erupted in gunfire Thursday night as five police officers were killed by an assassin.

Sympathy, sadness, and, yes, anger have coursed throughout the internet the day after Dallas was briefly turned into a war zone, but the city also has begun to try to heal.

And dozens of people showed a few police officers how much they’re respected and loved. So, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution, here are 10 minutes of people hugging cops, telling them how sorry they are about their colleagues who died, and telling them how much they mean to the city.

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That video—and the sympathy and sweetness showed by the people who the police officers are sworn to protect—won’t wash away the sadness that have enveloped us this week. But it’s a start. And at least, for the last 10 minutes, maybe you were crying for a different reason.

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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