Chelsea Manning portrait with Twitter birds

She hopes to tweet daily, if possible.

Chelsea Manning, likely the most famous imprisoned American whistleblower in recent history, is now tweeting from behind bars.

She’s doing it indirectly, of course. Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst convicted of giving WikiLeaks troves of classified material—including a video of a military helicopter casually killing civilian reporters in Iraq—isn’t allowed to have a smartphone in her cell. Instead, she relies on her public-relations firm to transcribe her phone messages.

“Fitzgibbon Media is handling my account for the time being,” Manning told the Daily Dot via the firm. “I plan to tweet as freq. as possible; daily to weekly.”

Manning’s account, @xychelsea, has gained almost 10,000 followers since the first tweet appeared around noon EDT on Friday.

Photo via Alicia Neal/ | Remix by Jason Reed

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