Texas CEO says women shouldn’t be president because of ‘hormones’

Cheryl Rios, CEO of Dallas marketing and public relations firm, Go Ape Marketing, has come under fire this week after posting to Facebook that “a female shouldn’t be president.” Rios believes women are unfit for the White House because of “hormones.”

“We’re built differently, we have different hormones,” Rios told the Dallas CBS affiliate.

Not only did she publicly share this antiquated notion but she also said she would move to Canada if Hillary Clinton is elected president (a common empty threat Americans hear every four years). Rios has received backlash and elaborated via Twitter:

“I am old fashioned, I am Christian and believe what I have said. I didn’t say that women should be abused, or that they are stupid or can’t be lawyers, doctors or run successful businesses.”

A client of Rios’, Rick Fairless, is among those who were shocked by her statements. 

“I cant’t comprehend someone who thinks a woman can’t do anything a man can do. The can. I promise you they can,” Fairless said. 

Photo via quinn.anya/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

Melanie Price

Melanie Price

Melanie Price is the senior social media editor at the Daily Dot.