Buddy Roemer

The long shot GOP candidate may not have much money, but he does have a sense of humor. And on Twitter, that counts for a lot.

Strapped with a grandfather’s wit and a puncher’s chance, former Louisiana governor and congressman Buddy Roemer hopes to pull off the unthinkable. His aim: to somehow elbow his way into the Republican Party debates with no PAC funding and strict orders not to accept any donations over $100.

“94% of elections in America are won by the candidate with the most money,” Roemer tweeted Monday morning. “Is this how we want to pick our leaders? #getmoneyout”

Roemer is supporting his campaign with a mix of punch-line tweets in lieu of cash. The straight-talkin’ Cajun has scored big points with followers on Twitter, who have shown a genuine taste for Roemer’s ability to switch from ranting on Obama’s health-care bill to waxing droll about his physique at the drop of a hat.

Roemer’s big Twitter break came Tuesday during the Republican Iowa caucuses, when a laughable performance—Roemer garnered a mere 47 votes—led to a string of self-deprecating hilarity that continues to this day.

The Daily Dot compiled its 10 favorite Buddy Roemer tweets into a Storify for your laughing pleasure. 

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Presidential long shot Buddy Roemer defies odds on Twitter
Buddy Roemer's Twitter feed may read like a stand-up comedy routine, but the former Louisiana governor's intentions for the GOP are no laughing matter.
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