Bon Jovi is not dead yet

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Once again, rumors fly across Twitter about the untimely death of a rock star. In this case, they were wrong.

Jon Bon Jovi did not go out in a “Blaze of Glory.”

Earlier today, the  hard-rock heartthrob was reported dead at age 49 by the Daily New Blog International, a WordPress account that detailed Bon Jovi’s apparent “cardiac arrest” at the “Bamboozle Festival.”

Twitter failed to pick up on that last telling detail (perhaps a “freak, gasoline fire accident would’ve been too obvious). Obituary notices and tributes poured over the microblogging site like Aqua Net hair spray in a 1980s music video. In fact, Bon Jovi was mentioned more than 1500 times on Twitter, according to statistics from Topsy, a social media search engine.

Of course, Bon Jovi’s not the first to be falsely reported dead on Twitter. Not a week seems to pass without a rapper, most recently Too $hort, having his/her plug pulled on the social network.

But this rumor was an obvious misunderstanding.

“You guys are confusing ‘Jon Bon Jovi’ and ‘Jon Bon Jovi’s career’, wrote Ryan Drake (@rayke).

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