President Obama poses for a selfie with Vice President Biden

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Now that is a patriotic ‘gram. 

Well it looks like the President is not axing selfies altogether. After the brouhaha over his (very likely) Samsung-sponsored selfie with David Ortiz, there was momentary fear that the White House was considering banning such photo ops entirely. While that turned out to not be true, we now have proof that President Obama’s smiling mug won’t be absent from Instagram. 

Tis a thing of beauty. On his first day using Instagram, Vice President Joe Biden was able to get his very own selfie with POTUS. Though it’s only day one of what promises to be a truly outstanding feed, the excitement over Biden’s account has been monumental. Apparently what the people want are some personal ‘grams from Joe. 

Photo via Joe Biden/Instagram 

The State of the Union in one priceless Joe Biden GIF
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