Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

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Sanders has withheld endorsement since June.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may finally be teaming up. 

According the Associated Press, both campaigns are discussing a potential event in New Hampshire next week, where Sen. Sanders (I-Vt.) would endorse Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, for the presidency. 

Sanders remains in the race despite Clinton having the support of the necessary number of delegates, including unbound superdelegates, to secure the nomination.

A source close to the campaign told the AP that the possibility of a joint event depends on a Democratic platform meeting that will take place in Orlando on Friday. The meeting is for the party for finalize its platform before the Democratic convention which will take place later this month. 

Sanders confirmed the possibility of the event Wednesday night on MSNBC, where he acknowledged an endorsement is likely. 

“I think at the end of the day, there is going to be a coming together, and we’re going to go forward together and not only defeat Trump, but defeat him badly,” Sanders says.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes then asked, “You’re not denying the report that there are talks about a possible endorsement?”

Sanders replies: “That’s correct.”

Plans for the joint appearance are not solidified, however, and many are becoming impatient. According to CNN, Sanders is pressing for policy concessions to be considered for the party’s platform, yet Clinton aides continue to chafe against Sanders remaining in the race now that Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee. Despite disagreements between the two campaigns, Sanders has shown he’s willing to work with Clinton. 

The Vermont senator recently praised Clinton’s plan for tuition-free college, calling it a “bold initiative.” Sanders also said the two are collaborating on other ideas. While he was vocal about his support of Clinton’s plan to tackle the cost of college tuition and student loan debt, Sanders has so far continued to withhold his endorsement of Clinton.

“This is one issue—there are other issues,” Sanders said of Clinton’s free-college plan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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