Obama’s Frank Underwood impression is a national tragedy

To celebrate the fifth birthday of his administration’s behind-the-scenes video series, President Barack Obama took one for the team and made a fool of himself.

Obama stepped in to narrate the special episode of West Wing Week, a series that his public engagement team has produced since 2010 to give people a unique look at the president’s daily schedule.

At 3:58 in the latest episode, Obama—filling in for regulator narrator and White House press secretary Josh Earnest—looks down at the camera and tries his best impression of House of Cards congressman-turned-president Frank Underwood.

Aaaaaaaaand… it’s bad. Really bad.

It’s as if the president wanted to dismiss once and for all the conservative argument that he was in any way like Kevin Spacey‘s ruthless, murderous character on the hit Netflix series.

The consensus on Twitter is that the leader of the free world shouldn’t quit his day job.

H/T The Washington Post | Screengrab via The White House/YouTube

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

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