Alex Jones, InfoWars reporter name-call teen after viral interview clip

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Stay classy, InfoWars.

InfoWars mouthpiece Owen Shroyer wants everyone to know: The young child who called him a “fucking idiot” definitely didn’t defeat him in a debate—even though no one thought that was the case.

The internet sparked up earlier this week when a video surfaced of a teenage girl being interviewed by Shroyer calling him a “fucking idiot” after he stopped her to do one of InfoWars’ infamous man-on-the-street interviews where they intentionally antagonize “leftists.” 

“All my friends are seeing this now, this clip for whatever reason has reached the stratosphere more than anything I’ve ever done,” Shroyer said. “Of course, they understand that this girl obviously didn’t defeat me in any debate.”

Shroyer continues to wonder why “the left” wasn’t as shocked as he was when she scolded him.

The InfoWars personality then devolved into name-calling the teen, dubbing her “vitriolic” and “petulant.”  

“The left is literally lifting this girl up as a hero, and it’s just really sad to me,” he said. “They’re making fun of me, like, ‘Oh, Owen Shroyer was so shocked when he heard it.’ Yeah that’s shocking—when a young child comes up to you and curses at you like a vitriolic petulant child that has no discipline, that’s shocking.”

But Shroyer wasn’t the only one to make fun of a teenager.

Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theory peddler and head of InfoWars, addressed the clip and the fact that it quickly went viralIn an exhaustive rant, Jones said the teenager sounded like “John Belushi on PCP” and said she “acts basically like some thug woman.” Shroyer also reads scripture that he says he “found comforting” after the clip went viral across the internet.

Stay classy, InfoWars.

Andrew Wyrich

Andrew Wyrich

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