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They don’t hold back.

Nearly 60 Alabama pastors have signed a letter denouncing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, saying “his extremist values and actions are not consistent with traditional Christian values or good Christian character” and that he’s not fit for office.

In the wake of several women saying Moore sexually harassed or assaulted them when they were teenagers, the Republican National Committee has pulled support for him, and a number of prominent GOP members have called on Moore to step aside for the Dec. 12 special election.

But Moore is saying he won’t quit, and on Friday, a number of women voiced their support for him.

In a letter released Friday, via, 59 progressive Christian ministers said Moore “and politicians like him have cynically used Christianity for their own goals. But Roy Moore does not speak for Christianity, and he acts in ways that are contrary to our faith.”

In the letter, the ministers say Moore denigrates people of other faiths, doesn’t want to expand Medicaid for “over 400,000 poor and working poor Alabamians,” uses racial and anti-gay slurs, wants “to entangle government with religion,” and claims only Christians should have civil rights.

“Kindness and justice toward widows, orphans, and foreigners are priorities in the Bible but they are not priorities for him,” the letter states.

Last week, Moore’s wife, Kayla, released a letter of support that was signed by 53 Alabama pastors that stated he was an “immovable rock in the culture wars.” But at least four pastors on that letter, which apparently had been recycled from before the GOP primary and before the sexual assault allegations had come to light, say they hadn’t given permission for their names to be used again.

Alabama voters will go to the ballot box on Dec. 12 to choose between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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