Major hack of Adult Friend Finder exposes cheating spouses

Adult Friend Finder, one of the world’s larges dating websites, was hacked.

Sensitive data from around 4 million users has been leaked to the public, Channel 4 reports, including detailed sexual preferences and whether or not they want to have an affair. 

In addition, the hackers leaked more technical sensitive data, including email addresses, usernames, dates of birth, zip codes, and IP addresses. This is the kind of information that could be used in identity theft.

It’ll be hard to say it wasn’t you looking for the affair if the email address matches up.

Even users who had deleted their accounts had their information exposed, however, meaning that Adult Friend Finder never really deletes data—and that you can expect to see that used as an excuse in apologies to angry spouses.

The leaked data is said to still be online as of publication—and, unfortunately for Adult Friend Finder users, it will likely never go away.

H/T Channel 4 | Photo via andrewrennie/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O'Neill

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