Who needs sounds bites when you have these perfectly compact animations?

Between President Barack Obama’s steely gaze and Mitt Romney’s wild hand gestures, Tuesday night’s presidential debate was a GIF pie just waiting to be devoured.

And there to eat up every savory moment was Tumblr’s Gifwich, a blog where artists posted their original debate animations.

8-bit GIFs of Obama and Romney flying through space, jerky hand gestures from moderator Candy Crowley, and creative animations of Romney’s “binders full of womengaffe were the nights big hits.

According to a Washington Post poll, Obama dominated the night’s town-hall-style debate with 68 percent of the vote. Yet in the world of GIFs, there was no definitive winner.

Here are some other great GIFs that captured the hectic and politically incorrect moments of Tuesday’s debate.

1) 64 notes

2) 462 notes

3) 264 notes

4) 94 notes

5) 2,073 notes

All GIFs via Gifwich

A quick flip through Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women”
Mitt Romney's gaffe instantly inspired parody accounts, Facebook pages, and image macros online.  
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