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‘My motto is there’s nothing new after 2!!’: Boss tells new worker that some days won’t be just 9 to 5, sparking debate

'I’m logging out at 5 work finished or unfinished.'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Oct 19, 2022

A TikToker claimed he was told by his boss at his new job that he’d be working past 5pm some days after already working for eight hours.


TikToker Malik Haelstorm (@notnotnotrekcut_) films his short rant expressing his shock at the request.

“Anybody that work in corporate America know that we have these things called one-on-ones. And, today in mine, my boss was like, ‘Yeah, some days it will be 9 to 5, and some days it won’t be,’” Haelstorm recalls in a video with over 26,000 views.

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Haelstorm then claims the Zoom call went quiet as soon as the boss made the request.

“For who? For YOU!” he says. “I’m a salaried employee, but, baby, the buck stops at 5.”

According to an ADP Research Institute study, one in 10 employees claim they’re doing more than 20 hours of free work per week. The comments section seems to back up this statistic, with many resonating with being asked to work past 5. However, many suggested they have strong boundaries in place. “Close that laptop with a quickness,” one urged.

“My motto is there’s nothing new after 2!!” another wrote.

“Because I’m logging out at 5 work finished or unfinished,” a third said.

One commenter even alleged their boss made requests for them to come on Sunday. “Like I literally couldnt say no in enough different ways,” they wrote.

Other commenters suggested that, if the boss wasn’t specific, Haelstorm should just take that as them meaning they’d work fewer hours, not more. “Aww ok, she must have meant a half day,” one wrote.

“That manager must have meant to say that some days it’ll be 9 to 5 and other days it’ll be nine to lunch,” another quipped.

The Daily Dot has reached out to to Haelstorm via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 19, 2022, 1:58 pm CDT