woman goes into work thinking she will get laid off and does tiktok


‘Perspective is everything’: Worker gets laid off twice in one year. Here’s how she’s getting through it

'I'm honestly considering it a blessing.'


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Posted on Nov 7, 2022   Updated on Nov 7, 2022, 6:02 am CST

A TikToker by the name of Ashlee (@leeshmm) posted a series of videos about how she’s choosing to handle being laid off for the second time in a single year. The initial clip shows a “before and after” of the layoff; she first posts that she believes she’s not going to have a job any more after walking into work, which then cuts to her after she learns the news. But she delineates in a second clip why she didn’t necessarily think the layoff was a bad thing for her and her long-term goals, and how it differed vastly from the layoff she experienced at another company.

@leeshmm Perspective is everything during a layoff! #corporate #layoffs ♬ original sound – Leeshmm

She says in the video: “So I’m just about to get to work but I’m like 95% sure that I’m getting laid off so I’ll keep you guys posted.” The video then transitions to her sitting on a couch, her tone decidedly less upbeat, “Well I’m back home now so, I was, correct.”

In a follow-up clip, Ashlee responded to a TikToker who asked what her initial feelings were about the layoff.

She said, “This is the second time that I’ve been laid off this year, both times I’ve had completely different emotional reactions and this is why. The first organization that I got laid off this year I worked there for about three years I was extremely emotionally invested into it so when I got laid off I was devastated. The entire time in between jobs I felt like I was just fixing my ego and I was just kind of fear-based mindset trying to find any job because I thought I didn’t have money even though I would’ve been fine I could’ve got E.I., I could’ve dipped into my savings and I would’ve been OK until I found something that I really wanted to do or even focused on my own business but that’s just, that wasn’t the mindset that I had. So I accepted an offer the first offer that I got which was a big mistake but now I realize it was just a learning lesson for me.

She continues: “So about a month into my new job I realize I really didn’t like it there. ..just wasn’t a good fit for me but I was stuck I felt stuck again I didn’t have options and I was just trucking along. So the company that I just got laid off at… are having new owners they are cleaning house so I got laid off and I was so excited honestly I was afraid for probably 20 minutes I had that moment of like, ‘Oh my gosh what am I gonna do?’ But then after that it slipped away and I’m honestly considering it a blessing. Now I know what I want to do I’m gonna take the time and build on something that I really want to do with my life and I’m gonna be OK.”

TikTokers applauded Ashlee’s approach to handling the news of the layoff from the “fear based” job and sympathized with the young professional. Others said that they’ve felt better after losing jobs that they knew weren’t in line with their long-term goals as well.

“I feel the same way. It was honestly the best thing that’s happened to me. It’s been two weeks and whoa I feel good lol,” someone commented.

“My current job knows I’m out in 6 months when I’m vested in the pension. The $$$ isn’t worth the misery to stay afterwards,” another added.


Another TikTok commenter summed up the sentiment: “I love this! just laid off Friday. ( mortgage) I feel fantastic. Health is wealth. Prospective is everything.”

In fact, the comments were universally positive and relatable:

“My first layoff I was absolutely devastated but it led to a big jump in my career. Second layoff was this year and it was also a blessing!”

“Last time I got fired, I grabbed some Taco Bell and took an amazing nap. Felt so good afterwards”

“Happened in 2009 got a nice severance package so didn’t work for 8 months then they hired me back at more money…make it make sense!”

“Happens to everyone at some point. Keep your head up!”

“Never let an excused opportunity to get drunk go to waste. Cheers”

“I’m pretty sure I am within the next week…. I’m going to take the best nap afterwards”

“I felt the same way 2 months ago! I’m still sitting at home living off my savings”

“the first thing i did after my first firing was enjoy spending time w/ my dog n wife”

According to a recent article published by CNBC, the United States has an 80% chance of heading into a recession in 2023 which means that getting a job and holding onto it might force many Americans into positions that they may not be excited about working.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ashlee via Instagram DM for further comment.

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*First Published: Nov 7, 2022, 6:01 am CST