meeting on laptop screen with 2 people in call caption 'Watch me get layed off from my job' 'So basically in an effort to reduce costs we are restructuring our business' (l) meeting on laptop screen with 2 people in call caption 'Watch me get layed off from my job' 'And unfortunately your position has been impacted' (c) meeting on laptop screen with 2 people in call caption 'Watch me get layed off from my job' 'um and you'll not be asked to work beyond tomorrow' (r)


‘These companies do not care about us’: Man films himself getting laid off over Zoom

'What's this meeting about? My promotion?'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Dec 27, 2022

A user on TikTok has gone viral after posting a video that purports to show himself being laid off over Zoom.

In a video with over 5 million views, TikTok user Ev (@elazie1) shows a conversation between himself and two people. While Ev initially questions if the meeting is about “my promotion,” it quickly becomes apparent that the outcome of the meeting would not be as positive as Ev may have hoped.

“In an effort to reduce costs, we are restructuring our business, and that has resulted in the elimination of a number of positions in the marketing team,” explains one of the people on the call. “Unfortunately, your position has been impacted.”

After hearing the details of his final work days and payment, Ev simply responds, “Okay, awesome.”


Its realky fun to get layed off and i had a really good time

♬ original sound – Elazie

In the comment section, many users chastised the pair for their handling of the firing.

“These people have absolutely no skill or knowledge on how to put someone OUT OF WORK ethically and with compassion,” wrote one user.

“These companies do not care about us,” added another.

“Any company that lays individuals off this close to the holidays deserves the worst fate,” stated a third.

Others shared advice and words of encouragement for Ev.

“Make a sob story post on LinkedIn,” suggested a commenter. “I did and had interviews lined up 3 days later.”

“a bit of hope for you; I’m also in marketing. Early stage start ups. Been through multiple layoffs,” claimed a second. “Always resulted in a better position in the end!!”

For his part, Ev told Daily Dot in an Instagram direct message exchange that he has “no ill will” toward his former employer. He also noted that the position was fully remote.

Ev later posted two follow-up videos to his TikTok account.

In the first, he says that he knew he was going to be fired. The question about a promotion was simply a “prank.”

@elazie1 Replying to @hannahlouro ♬ original sound – Elazie

In the second, he says that once he finished recording, he told his former employers that he had sympathy for the position they were in. This video also reveals that Ev was given four weeks of severance pay, a detail he confirmed in an Instagram DM exchange with Daily Dot.

@elazie1 Replying to @stalus ♬ original sound – Elazie

On the bright side, Ev shared with Daily Dot that he has already found a new job.

Still, many commenters noted that sudden firings like these highlight a double standard between employers and employees—namely, that employees are expected to give notice of quitting, while employers can often let workers go suddenly and without prior warning.

“Jobs expect you to put a 2 week notice if you quit but don’t give you a two week notice when they fire you,” observed a commenter.

“And that’s why I don’t believe in giving a job a two weeks notice,” echoed an additional TikToker.

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*First Published: Dec 27, 2022, 11:10 am CST