Stripper’s racist meltdown will absolutely ruin your day

She's even worse on Twitter. 

May 13, 2020, 2:30 pm*



Miles Klee

“Racism is alive and well,” the New York man who captured the appalling video below sadly concludes after trading words with a woman who called him a “nasty fucking n****r.”

The parking lot exchange evidently took place after the black individual behind the camera started his car, which mother Janelle Ambrosia said scared her kids. Her subsequent tirade, through which she literally quakes with rage, unfolds before this innocent young pair, who seem not so much frightened as totally oblivious. 

Beyond the usual epithets, Ambrosia responds to the threat of police action by rhetorically asking, “How many cops have I stripped for?” Eventually, she calls her husband with the request that he “fucking kill” the man who dared to document her immolation.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Ambrosia has resurrected a lately dormant Twitter account in order to continue spewing her inarticulate (and somewhat clichéd) brand of hate. (Update: it now appears, as several readers have noted, that this account may be fake, possibly run by whoever operated @IamKingJer, a handle that was mentioned earlier in @JanelleAmbrosia’s timeline. Those suspicious tweets, as well as the @IamKingJer account, have been deleted—as if someone was covering their tracks. Either way, what follows here is nauseating.)    

In the most bizarre twist of all, Ambrosia then sarcastically apologized, asking people to send her their hip-hop mixtapes so she could prove she was “being sincere” by promoting them to her followers. A few rappers took her up on the offer; most observers sneered.

Anything except, you know, removing the N-word from her day-to-day vocabulary. But even then, she’d find a way to make you despise her. 

Update: Here, via Gawker, is an excruciating radio interview with Ambrosia telling her side of the story, if you can stand to hear it. Her definition of the N-word—which she claims has “nothing to do with race”—is especially mindblowing.

Photo via IAMOYAB/YouTube

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*First Published: Jun 4, 2014, 2:05 pm