Woman starts GoFundMe after being allegedly fired for complaining about racism

She worked at a 'well-known clothing company'—which is likely Nasty Gal.

Sep 15, 2016, 2:10 pm


Jaya Saxena 

Jaya Saxena

Screengrab via GoFundMe

A California woman started a GoFundMe after allegedly being fired for complaining about the racism she experienced at her job.

“On August 19th, 2016, after months of working in a toxic environment filled with racial discrimination, I was fired after being falsely accused of violence in the workplace,” writes Alexis W., who identifies herself as a black woman working as a social media assistant at a “well-known clothing company.” She claims the company often made her participate in campaigns she thought were racist, offensive, or involved cultural appropriation, and then accused her of being overly sensitive.

Eventually, she writes, she went to HR, only to be called back in a week later. “I was told not only that my claims of discrimination and cultural appropriation were invalid, but also that HR was alerted of something much worse: that I felt the need to harm myself or others, or shoot up the office to be heard, and that my employment was terminated, effective immediately.”

While the campaign only refers to the author as Alexis W., it’s been attributed across social media and in the Facebook preview link to Alexis Wilson. As of this writing, both Wilson’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles say she is currently employed by Nasty Gal, an L.A.-based clothing and accessories company; an anonymous source familiar with Wilson also confirmed this was her former employer. The Daily Dot has reached out to Nasty Gal for comment but did not receive an immediate reply. 

Nasty Gal has been plagued with rumors of a toxic work environment. In anonymous comments on Glassdoor, alleged past employees accuse the company of mismanagement, letting go pregnant women, and discrimination. The company is also reportedly looking for a buyer.

Wilson writes that she lives with ADD and depression, and says she has no idea why the company believed she’d resort to violence upon being fired. According to her GoFundMe, she is looking to take legal action against the company. In the meantime, friends of hers appear to be sharing her campaign on social media.

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Wilson says that because of the law in California, she has to wait to file for unemployment. A pamphlet from California’s Employment Development Department says anyone can file for Unemployment Insurance as soon as they are unemployed, but “the first week after you file your claim is normally the waiting period and benefits cannot be paid for that week.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Wilson for comment. As of publishing, Wilson has raised $425.

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