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‘Stop f**king scamming me and give me my money back’: Customer calls out White Fox Boutique for refusing to refund her return

‘I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to be a chill customer.’


Natasha Dubash


Melbourne-based musician Eilish Senyard, who posts as EUCA (@eucamusic) on TikTok, took to the social media app to blast White Fox Boutique for refusing to refund her return.


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Getting refunds when your order goes wrong can be a hassle and Senyard’s ordeal was no exception. “I’m calling out a company called, it rhymes with shite box boutique,” she says to the camera.  “Stop fucking scamming me, and give me my money back.”

The musician explains that after buying a dress from White Fox Boutique, the shop processed the order twice and she was charged for two dresses. When she asked for her money back, the store informed Senyard that she would need to purchase a return label to send back the dress, and only then would her money be refunded.

“My first mistake was paying for that return,” she admits. “Which goes to show why I’m so pissed off now is because I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to be a chill customer.” She says she did not receive a refund after sending the dress back and when she contacted customer service again, she was informed that White Fox never received the return package at their warehouse.

After calling the post office and going down to the branch where she mailed the package from, the TikToker says she was told the same thing: that since White Fox had created the shipping label, the tracking information was sent to them when the package was scanned.

“You can just refund me. I have been too patient for too long. Like, stop messing me around,” she concludes. However, Senyard says White Fox still denied having any tracking record of the shipment and did not refund her money, only offering store credit to make up for their mistake.

“As if I wanna shop there ever again after all this bullshit they’re putting me through,” she laughs.

The video has received over 1.2 million views, and according to viewers in the comments, this level of customer service is the standard at White Fox Boutique. A number of people recalled similar experiences and were quick to call the store out by name.

“I emailed white fox about a refund, two dresses were damaged, they were willing to give me a 50% refund to repair it myself,” said one person.

“I had problems with them as well, after I complained via email they blocked my email to use their app discount code… their service was horrible,” said another comment, to which Senyard responded incredulously, “BLOCKED?! WHAT BAHA” 

A number of people suggested Senyard threaten to make a complaint to consumer services, saying that was the only way they successfully received their refund.

“They did the same to me and when I said I will complain to fair trade they said ‘babe do it’ I did…got my refund,” said one person.

“Whenever brands are annoying about refunds i just bring up the ACCC and they process it! just email back saying you’ll file a complaint to them,” recommended another person, referring to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. Senyard said, “I’ll give them one more chance to reply properly and then I’m doing this.”

However, the creator didn’t have to take it that far. White Fox Boutique was tagged so many times in the comments that they finally responded. 

“Hey girl, we are so sorry to hear you’ve had an issue! I can see that CS have now resolved this for you, let us know if we can do anything else,” reads the comment from the official White Fox account.

“First apology I’ve got,” Senyard said before adding, “It’s not 100% resolved as CS keeps ignoring my request to have this pushed to a manger + my return label refunded.” The store finally confirmed the return saying, “Hey lovely, the customer service team have refunded the full amount of your duplicate order along with the additional amount for the return label.” 

Unfortunately, it took Senyard calling out the brand on TikTok for them to make things right, but that’s the power of social media. As one comment celebrated, “We did it y’all.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Senyard and to White Fox Boutique via email.

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