young Black woman stretching before race while group of young white men stare


‘It’s so sinister’: Group of white boys glare at Black woman running a trail race

‘I am very often the only Black person.’


Luna Danielle


A viral TikTok ignited discussions of anti-Black racism after a Black runner and influencer received glares from a group of white men.

The video posted by Nike running coach Dora Atim (@doradontexplore) shows the runner stretching before a race with a voiceover stating, “POV you’re a Black girl at a trail race, minding your business,” as the camera pans over to a group of white men glaring at Atim. 

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The Daily Dot reached out to Atim for comment via Instagram DM.

Commenters expressed their own similar stories. 

“As a Black dog trainer, I can fully relate,” one user shared.

“I go to races with my husband (who’s white), and I am very often the only Black person there,” another chimed in.

Nancy Hobbs, executive director of the American Trail Running Association, said in an interview with Outside magazine, “When you’re looking at our sport through photographs, videos, and much of the imagery in terms of advertising and promotion, you can see that there isn’t a whole lot of variety in representation on the trails. We all need to work collectively to change this.”

Others mentioned that they’d stare, as well, but not because of Atim’s race.

“So they’re not looking because she’s absolutely beautiful,” one user asked. 

“Why are they looking at you like that,” another asked. “I’d be staring like ‘damn, I’m boutta get smoked.”

“Maybe they’re admiring you because you’re warming up very well,” a commenter added. “Just staring like that because the sun is shining and the tension before the race! :)”

Atim replied, “Love the optimism xoxo.”

Running discrimination isn’t a conversation new to Atim. She founded Ultra Black Running, a running space for Black women and non-binary people.

In a 2020 Runner’s World magazine interview, Atim shared, “I started Ultra Black at the end of June because I feel there is a lack of representation in the running world, and especially in the trail/ultra/mountain running scene. I want women and gender nonconforming folx to see themselves when they run in the trails or attend races in the future.”

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