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‘These prices got me actually buying groceries’: Wendy’s customer shares his shock at the iconic Baconator Combo now being $14

‘Everything is going up besides our pay.’


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With high inflation — and many companies seemingly taking in fatter profits than ever before — it’s no surprise that many Americans are facing higher prices for everyday goods than they’ve seen in their lifetimes.

These price increases affect everything from household items to food at restaurants. Now, a user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing their own experience with high prices.

In a video with over 375,000 views, TikTok user Josh (@idoitforlaughs) shares his dismay at the elevated prices at Wendy’s.

“Realizing that a baconator combo from Wendy’s is now $14,” he writes in the text overlaying the video.


Getting the 5 biggie bag.

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Earlier this year, Wendy’s announced that it would be raising its prices, per TheStreet. The company also reported a year-to-date increase of $289 million in sales when compared to last year, according to their Second Quarter earnings results.

That said, while browsing the fast-food pricing website Fast Food Menu Prices, it’s difficult to come up with Josh’s $14 figure — though the pricing on items can vary from state to state and city to city.

Still, TikTokers used Josh’s video as a springboard to complain about rising prices in fast food and other industries.

“I have found it cheaper to eat at a restaurant these days,” wrote one user. “I get take out like crazy.”

“These prices got me actually buying groceries and finally cooking LMAO,” added another.

“Now I see how old people feel when they say stuff used to be 25 cents,” joked a third.

“And it will look and taste worse than it would have 10 years ago, but hey at least execs get to see their record profits,” claimed another TikToker.

Others cited specific experiences at other fast food restaurants.

“Mcdouble from mcdonalds is $2.99, that used to be on the god damn dollar menu,” stated a commenter.

“Went to Taco Bell and spent $11 on an order that used to cost like $6,” recounted a second.

“2 subway combos $32,” alleged an additional TikToker. “I was flabbergasted.”

We’ve reached out to Josh via Instagram direct message and Wendy’s via email.

Update 3:33pm, Oct. 30: In an email to Daily Dot, a Wendy’s spokesperson shared the following statement: “Showing up for customers is at the heart of what we do every day, and we understand that high quality doesn’t have to mean higher prices. We’ve consistently been there for our customers with our long-running fan-favorite 4 for $4 and $5 Biggie Bag value combo offers. We’re also continually introducing limited-time price promotions through the Wendy’s app, offering favorite items at a great value.”

Update 6am, Nov. 3, 2022: In an Instagram DM exchange with Daily Dot, Josh offered his thoughts on the rising prices.

“I think inflation, plus shortages, plus high demand are all contributing factors,” he wrote. “I mean, also people are lazy and don’t want to cook for themselves. Or are too busy and don’t have time to cook because of having to work more hours or a second job due to rising prices across the board.”

As for what he took away from the video going viral, he says he’s not sure how much the high prices will affect sales.

“People are gonna continue to buy things no matter the price,” he noted. “Consumerism. We all do it.”

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