Walmart employees escorting yelling employee out of store caption 'Part 1 of Walmart shenanigans' (l) Walmart employees escorting other yelling employee out of store caption 'Part 1 of Walmart shenanigans' (c) Walmart employees escorting yelling employee through checkout out of store caption 'Part 1 of Walmart shenanigans' (r)


‘She wasn’t done, she had to let the whole store know’: Walmart manager allegedly slept with multiple female employees

'Target has never offered this level of service.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Sep 30, 2022

A Walmart customer posted a viral video of two store employees fighting over a manager who was allegedly sleeping with both of them.

The two videos from the Morrow, Georgia, store were posted by TikToker Keaira (@damnkeaira), with the first amassing over 2 million views and the second getting over 184,000. 

@damnkeaira Walmart in Morrow, Ga. 😂 auntie say the manager sleeping with the employees #fyp #walmart #foryou ♬ original sound – Keaira 😘

Both videos are quite short. In the first, which has a text overlay that reads, “Part 1 of Walmart shenanigans,” a red-haired Walmart employee is being escorted by another employee as she screams something unintelligible and gestures wildly.

Then, a second employee with black hair is also brought out and taken in the other direction. She is also gesturing and yelling, but can’t be heard. The caption of the video sheds some light on what exactly is going on. According to Keaira, an aunt who was also watching the drama unfold at Walmart said, “the manager sleeping with the employees.”

Part 2 of the videos sheds some more light on the situation. “She wasn’t done, she had to let the whole store know about Wayne,” Keaira captioned the video. In the clip, viewers see the second black-haired employee come back into the store, yelling “Wayne… from OGP,” which refers to the store’s online grocery pickup department.

The Walmart employee then gets on the store’s intercom system to spill the tea to her colleagues. “Attention all Walmart associates,” she says. “Wayne… from OGP has been having a constant affair… They’ve been trying to hide it. That’s why she wear a mask.” The woman alleges that Wayne tried to sleep with her as well and that’s how the situation escalated.

@damnkeaira She wasn’t done, she had to let the whole store know about Wayne 😂 #fyp #foryou #walma ♬ original sound – Keaira 😘

“What you stand for, is what you stand for, you know better but you continue to stand for it,” the woman says to no one in particular. At this point, another Walmart employee comes over and takes the intercom away from her. “Fuck all y’all,” the woman says as she leaves.

Viewers in the comments were highly amused by the antics at Walmart and many local customers recognized the fighting employees. “Damn how I seen both of them before working too. I always miss the entertainment at Walmart,” one said. 

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“When you just trying to shop and end up in a Typer Perry production,” a second viewer joked. Another joined in saying, “Target has never offered this level of service.”

Some viewers said this behavior wasn’t exclusive to Walmart employees. “Same thing happened at the McDonald’s I worked at they were in the stockroom thrown sauces at each other,” one person recounted.

And of course, everyone had jokes about Walmart’s employee of the hour, Wayne. “So he wasn’t just fulfilling them online orders,” one person quipped. “Rumor has it that Wayne has a baby at every Walmart and he named them all Walmart,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Keaira via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Sep 30, 2022, 3:56 pm CDT