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‘It’s not inflation anymore, it’s price gouging’: Walmart customer says prices for same items she purchased in 2020 have gone up 50%

‘My local Walmart is selling a 12 pack of sprite for $7.89.’


Melody Heald


A woman revealed in a viral TikTok how much prices have skyrocketed by comparing the same items she purchased from 2020 to 2023.

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The video was uploaded by popular TikToker Amy (@amywaytosave) who mainly posts content about ways to save money at the grocery store. In this video, she claimed prices have increase drastically from 2020 to 2023.

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The content creator shows her 89,000 followers the items she bought at Walmart in her shopping cart: corn mix, flour, 12-gallon nondairy milk, six eggs, two bananas, a small bundle of green Scallion, two potatoes, pinto beans, frozen mixed vegetables, and grain. According to Amy, she purchased all of these items for $10.09 in 2020. She claims she made a “”week’s of worth of meals for one person,” sharing her receipt. 

She says since there was “a lot of talk about inflation” in early 2022, she decided to buy the same items to compare prices. Amy purports that all of the same items she bought in 2020 were “10% more.” Now, in January of 2023, Amy claims she went back to Walmart to purchase the items yet again and the total came out to $15.10, “a 50%” increase from 2020.

@amywaytosave Full vide0 & price comparison on my Y T! #inflation #groceryshopping #groceryprices #grocerypricetoohigh #inflationisreal #pricecomparison #10dollarmealchallenge ♬ original sound – darcy stokes
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The video amassed 2 million views as of Jan. 30 with viewers sharing their thoughts on the much-discussed topic of inflation sweeping the platform.

“We need to start calling it what it is: price gouging,” one viewer wrote.

“I wish they’d just stop lying to us by calling this inflation, this is 100% price gouging and I am SICK OF IT,” a second agreed.

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“It’s not just food though. everyone everywhere is price gouging and saying it’s inflation while wages stay the same,” a third echoed.

Others shared their experiences with noticing price increases at the grocery store.

“The ‘cheap’ butter we used to buy a year ish ago, was 99 cents, now it’s 3 bucks,” one shared.

“I just got hamburger from Walmart for almost $6/lb. I remember it being like $3.50/lb,” a second said.

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“My local Walmart is selling a 12 pack of sprite for $7.89…. Like what??” a third stated.

Some have noticed the price hike in fast food as well.

“I went to mcdonald’s and got a large carmel frappe and a large fry and it cost me $9.68 .. that’s just ridiculous,” one person noted.

“PLEASEEE tell me why the 10 chicken McNugget meal in AZ was $10… might as well go to BWW,” a second commented.

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During an email interview with the Daily Dot, Amy stated the Walmart she shopped at all three times was one in Central Kentucky. She said she began to notice the price increase when she started hearing about price increases in 2022.

“I did the comparison in early 2022 when I started to hear a lot of talk about prices going up in the grocery store,” she told The Daily Dot. “All of the talk about rising prices prompted me to do my initial price comparison.”

According to CNBC, inflation is currently at 6.5%, dropping 2.6% since its peak of 9.1% in June 2022. At the beginning of 2020, inflation was at 1.2%.

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“Some of these prices ballooned for reasons beyond broad pandemic-era inflationary factors such as snarled supply chains, pent-up consumer demand, household cash infusions, labor shortages, and war in Ukraine,” per CNBC.

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