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‘I wouldn’t even answer’: Walmart customer keeps calling before store opens

‘Disconnect the phone.’


Rebekah Harding


A Walmart worker from Germantown in Wisconsin shared a clip of a customer calling about making a return and arguing with him about the time to TikTok.

In the clip posted by TikToker Pharoh Underwood (@pnast) on Aug. 19, he says the customer was calling about “returning a coat,” despite being told the store doesn’t open until 7am. He shows the answering machine with the time reading 6:12am.

“It’s 6 o’clock. We don’t open till 7 o’clock. It is 6:12,” he explains to the customer. The customer then repeatedly says that “it’s 7:12,” arguing with Underwood about the time.

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The video amassed over 327,000 views as of Tuesday, with commenters sharing their own experiences with persistent callers on the job.

“We had a lady call about her applications 10 times 5-10 minutes after she submitted it.. I said there was no manager here then stopped answering,” one commenter shared.

“Once I answered a phone call the lady wanted to apply for a divorce,” another said.

Others gave suggestions on how they would deal with the customer if she keeps calling back.

“Disconnect the phone land line,” one said.

“I always answer and tell them I’m just the building security u gotta call back at opening,” another wrote.

“I mean just don’t answer lol put the phone on DND and it won’t ring lol,” a third added.

Several commenters pointed out that the customer’s confusion with the time could be because she was calling from a Maryland area code, believing that she may have mixed up the Germantown in Maryland with the Germantown in Wisconsin.

“You should probably inform her of the location and area she’s calling. Maybe she got the number offline,” one user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Underwood via Instagram direct message.

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