Waffle House worker pleads with customers to stick to a Texas Melt after 'waffle sandwich' hack goes viral

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‘That sandwich gonna cost y’all about $20’: Waffle House worker pleads customers to stick to a Texas Melt after ‘waffle sandwich’ hack goes viral

’20 ain’t nothing, let me get 5.’


Lauren Castro


Within the past week, the viral Waffle House waffle sandwich has dominated TikTok as users try the hack and share their reviews on the platform. In one video with over 3.6 million views, employee Auntie Toro (@toroitich) didn’t hold back when confronting users about the sandwich. 

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“Yeah, that sandwich gonna cost y’all about $20 so stick to a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt or Texas sausage, egg and cheese melt,” she says in the clip. 

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The menu hack features a selection of meat patties, bacon, cheese, and eggs layered between two waffles to create a sandwich. The he customization of the sandwich hack can rack these costs up.

According to a fast food prices site, the sausage, egg, and cheese Texas melt is $4.65, while the Texas bacon cheesesteak melt costs $5.70. Still, these prices can vary based on location.

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Auntie Toro’s video echoes the sentiment shared by another Waffle House employee on TikTok, who also warned viewers eager to try the hack of the potential cost of customization.

Users in the comments section quoted a phrase from Real Boston Richey’s song “Everybody” and shared their opinions on the pricing. 

“You don’t think we getting money?” one user said. 

“20 ain’t nothing let me get 5,” another commented.

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“I’m a billionaire when I’m drunk so,” a third user shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Waffle House via email and Auntie Toro via TikTok comment.

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