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Man appears to spit into donation bag before delivery

CCTV caught the man on a delivery run.

Nov 12, 2020, 12:41 pm*



Samira Sadeque

A recently surfaced video shows a man spitting on a package meant for giving or receiving donations before delivering it to a couple’s mailbox in Kirk Ella, England, Daily Star reports.

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The video, published to YouTube on Wednesday by World News, shows the man delivering a green "charity bag" through a letterbox on Tuesday. Per Daily Star, he was delivering bags for Tree of Hope, a British children’s organization that fundraises for children and young adults living with a disability or illness.

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In the U.K., donated goods must be marked with the charity they will benefit and can be sold in charity shops or sent to people in need, according to Fundraising Regulator.

The man, whose face is blurred in the video, was caught on a CCTV camera outside the couple’s house. He wears a mask around his neck that does not cover his mouth or nose. The homeowner where he made the delivery said the act was "unacceptable," according to Daily Star.

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The man works for SOS Clothes Ltd., the charity’s distributor, according to Hull Daily Mail. As of Thursday afternoon, Tree of Hope had not addressed the incident on its Facebook page.

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*First Published: Nov 12, 2020, 11:53 am