Does this dress look like a vagina to you?

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Vulvas are really beautiful. Their petals and folds are so mesmerizing that, removed from the context of a body, you may not even notice you’re looking at a vulva. We can’t be sure that’s what happened to designer Wayne Cooper when he made the Sahara Beaded maxi dress, but one thing is for sure—this dress definitely looks like a vulva. (Or nipples.)


According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the vagina dress is “taking the Internet by storm,” but so far the storm seems pretty contained. Facebook user School Mum posted a picture of herself wearing it with the hashtag #dressfail and in the almost 3,000 comments, other women followed suit.

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The vagina dress is $219 if you want to buy it. But then the conundrum—how to style such a glamorous item? Here are some suggestions:

Tampon earrings

If someone doesn’t pick up on the vaginal pattern of your dress, they will after they see your bloody tampon earrings.

Georgia O’Keeffe jacket

Via Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Store

No one says “yep, that’s a vagina” like good ol’ Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Pussy infinity scarf

We’re thinking literally here.

THINX period panties

No one has to know unless you tell them. 

Dildo Shoes

There, your outfit is complete! And after a long day of slaying your street look, you can fall asleep under this butthole blanket. 

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Jaya Saxena

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