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‘It’s you again’: Uber Eats deliverer calls out repeat customer

‘I live in fear of being called out like this.’


Melody Heald


A repeat Uber Eats customer lived out many customers’ greatest fear of being recognized by their food deliverer—a sign that makes them feel they order through food delivery platforms far too much.

The video features user Sophia Pelton (@sophiawpelton), who has over 35,000 followers; according to her, she placed an Uber Eats order while at lunch. In her video, she features a text message she received from a deliverer named Richard, who was traveling on a bicycle.

“It’s you again,” Richard texted her, according to the screenshot she featured in her video.

Pelton implied the text embarrassed her in the caption of the video.

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The video racked up over 106,000 views since it was posted on Oct. 31, with viewers claiming this is their ultimate fear.

“I live in fear of being called out like this,” one said.

“This is something that I’m gravely afraid of happening to me,” a second agreed.

There were some who recounted times they were similarly recognized by delivery drivers or shared their experiences of becoming a regular at different establishments.

“When i went to mcdonalds n they told me, ‘see u tomorrow!’” one shared.

“NO BECAUSE I ordered doordash 2 days in a row and when i opened the door he said ‘i knew it was you again!’” another wrote.

“I went to the liquor store yesterday and the guy said ‘Just the usual?’ That hurt,” a third quipped.

But encounters with regulars can be awkward for everyone involved, not just the customers. A Domino’s worker shared how this is the case in a TikTok posted in August. Other workers have shared the proper etiquette regulars should have, specifically when they come in during a rush.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sophia Pelton via TikTok comment and Twitter direct message.

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