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Donald Trump has claimed he respects women over a dozen times, and people are finally calling him out

Last night’s moderator had to stop the crowd from erupting into laughter over the assertion.


Jessica Machado


At last night’s debate, when asked about the numerous sexual assault allegations hurled against him, Donald Trump said, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.”

The crowd then erupted into laughter. 

So much so that moderator Chris Wallace had to tell the audience to be quiet.

But Trump, an advocate for the repetitive soundbite, has asserted his respect for women (which is much more than any other human’s respect for women, ICYMI) many times before. However, usually the audience, interviewer, or his political rival will just sit there respectfully in silence, biting their tongues. 

For example, here Trump is making this same claim at the last debate.

Here he is two days ago: 

In May to Sean Hannity: 

In a tweet from March: 

In February, talking to Anderson Cooper: 

In October of last year in New Hampshire:

CNN has done us the favor of mashing up seven more times Trump has maintained his unrelenting respect for women.

But as we march into the 3,786th day of the election and reach nearly 20 sexual assault or misconduct allegations against Trump, I guess people can no longer nod along quietly. 

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