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Women with traditional careers, men with style are getting the most swipes on Tinder

Is your job among the most swipeable?


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Feeling like your dating app DMs are coming up short? Perhaps it’s time for a change of pace—no, not a new profile photo, but a pivot in your career.

According to Tinder‘s list of the “most right-swiped jobs” of 2018, aka the professions that have received the most interest on the app this year, traditional roles for women seem to be beating out movers and shakers.

Among the highest right-swiped jobs for women are registered nurse, dentist, pharmacist, and yes, college student. Meanwhile, creative men are getting more recognition with professions in interior design, public relations or communications, visual design, and producing.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a breakdown on who exactly is doing the swiping on which profession for men and women—so, there’s no telling if women looking for women are more attracted to certain professions than men looking for women and vice versa. According to Tinder, the list is based on the “occupations of US-based user profiles that have received the highest ratio of right swipes.” It’s also unclear which right-swipe percentile these profiles may be in, be it the top 50th or 90th (as of press time, a spokesperson was still waiting for confirmation with the Tinder team).

But there are some pretty distinct assumptions to be made just from this list alone. Many women’s professions consist of some form of caretaking or service—nurses, dentists, teachers, waitresses and bartenders. Meanwhile, the list is noticeably free of engineers. Men’s professions, however, seem to have a stronger amount of freedom from gender roles, showing Tinder users swiping right on two kinds of designers, men in PR or communications, veterinarians, and teachers. However, the more traditionally masculine professions of pilots, lawyers, engineers, and firefighters or paramedics are still being made passes, too.

Then there are some less-expected comparisons. For example, while founder or entrepreneur is listed no. 8 on most-swiped women’s professions, male founders or entrepreneurs are no. 15, showing that, for whatever reason, female founders are twice as hot as male founders right now (maybe because straight women are tired of dating men who have the entitlement of a boss?). Also, male models came in at no. 8, while female personal trainers and makeup artists are at no. 9 and no. 13 respectively, showing that even in the “looks department,” men are leading in right swipes.

While male pilots are the no. 2 profession more likely to receive a right-swipe and female flight attendants are no.7, female pilots didn’t even make the cut—it’s just as if all those fierce female pilot Instagram pages were for naught!

At least both the male and female doctors of Tinder can take gender-equity pain (or solace?) in knowing neither gender made their list at all?

Sorry, docs. There’s always next year.

Here is Tinder’s “Most Right-Swiped Jobs 2018” for women:

Registered nurse
College/graduate Student
Flight attendant
Personal Trainer
Physical therapist
Makeup artist
Marketing manager

Here is Tinder’s “Most Right-Swiped Jobs 2018” for men:

Interior designer
Physician’s assistant
Visual designer
College/graduate student

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