When a woman joked with a man she'd met on Tinder and said his dog was gay, things escalated quickly.


Man completely loses his temper over a joke that his dog could be gay

‘Stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal.’


Kris Seavers


Online dating is all about heeding the red flags, and sometimes a lack of humor is the biggest red flag of all. So when a college student named Amy joked that her Tinder match’s dog might be gay only to be completely berated by the man, it was time to end things.

The story unfolded via Twitter when Amy’s friend, 21-year-old Chaselyn Baca, posted the exchange between Amy and a dude named Eric she’d met on Tinder. BuzzFeed News reports that both of the women are seniors at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Screenshots of the text exchange show Eric suggesting to Amy that she get a “girl version” of his dog for matchmaking purposes. But, Amy offers, “maybe he’s gay.” Eric shuts down the idea right away, affirming his dog is “definitely not gay.”

Amy presses him a bit, asking if Eric is homophobic. Again he balks, and she bluntly says he “sounds” homophobic. That was the last straw for Eric.

“You must be slow,” he said in a final text. “You’re calling my dog gay when you don’t know me and you don’t know him. You’re forcing the fucking idea of him being gay when that was never being spoken about. So stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal. Period.”

Amy didn’t respond to Eric (because, duh) but told BuzzFeed News that “it was shocking” to see the conversation crumble. Her friend Chaselyn told Amy not to bother meeting him in real life.

“I was just like, ‘Wow, this fragile masculinity is real.’ It’s a dog. It’s not that serious,” Chaselyn told BuzzFeed News, later adding, “If you’re not OK with your dog being gay, you should take a look at yourself and your own identity.”

On Twitter, people agreed Eric’s reaction to the harmless joke was totally overblown.


Better yet, people shared photos of their non-heteronormative pups.

Someone even created a parody account of Eric’s dog called, of course, @gaydog10. And it seems everyone (except Eric, of course) has been supportive.

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