man at counter holding phone (l) man at counter with woman, caption 'when your cheating on a dating app while with your lady...' (c) close up of a message exchange on phone (r)


‘He and Katie were planning on grabbing drinks later that evening’: TikToker catches man chatting to woman on Hinge while he’s with another girl

'Watch how fast he closed that message.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jun 21, 2022

A TikToker allegedly caught a man chatting it up with another woman on Hinge while he was already out with another woman.

In the clip, Queen P @hairbyparis zooms in on the man’s phone, which is unlocked. It appears he is on Hinge, having a conversation with another woman.

“When your cheating on a dating app while with your lady…” the text overlay and voiceover allege.

@hairbyparis #fyp #cheating #cheatingboyfriend #cheatinggirlfriend #foryoupage #singlelife #couple #CheetosReaperReactions #pride ♬ original sound – Queen P

The duo is ordering sandwiches at a deli, which seems to be situated in a grocery store. The man is then filmed typing on his phone, but when the woman he is with comes into the frame, he closes his phone. “Watch how fast he closed that message,” the text overlay reads.

It’s unclear if the two are even involved in a romantic relationship. However, the poster and many viewers seem to think so.

Viewers who admitted to being nosey praised Queen P for zooming in on the conversation. Some said they resorted to turning their devices sideways and putting their glasses on in order to better see what the two were writing to each other.

“Not me turning my phone and putting on my glasses so I could read,” one joked.

“I know I’m not the only one that paused the video for the tea,” another said.

“That zoom in is clutch,” a third said.

Others were able to make out a bit of the conversation.

“Him and Katie were planning on grabbing dinks later that evening in the EVA or Beltline area,” one said.

Other users asked Queen P if she told the woman what she witnessed, to which she responded, “Hell nah.”

There were some who questioned if the woman the man is with is even his girlfriend.

“What if they are on a date and he’s keeping options open?” one questioned.

Studies on cheating percentages are difficult to pin down, mostly because a lot of the data relies on whether or not someone is going to be completely honest about infidelity. Even considering this, however, the numbers indicate that a large percentage of folks in relationships do cheat in some way.

The immediacy of modern dating applications has also become a point of interest for many behavioral scientists. Computers in Human Behavior established a positive correlation between individuals who are successful in dating apps and the likelihood of them cheating. “Our results indicate that people’s perceived success on a dating app was positively associated with their intention to commit infidelity through self-perceived desirability, and negatively associated with their intention to commit infidelity through perceived amount of available partners,” the report states.

Forty percent of individuals in a 395-person survey who were in serious relationships admitted they were still using dating applications despite being committed to someone else under the presumption of monogamy.

The Daily Dot reached out to Queen P via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 21, 2022, 1:20 pm CDT