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TikToker catches husband cheating after noticing ‘odd things’ in selfie he sent her

‘Men REALLY don’t think.’


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A TikToker caught her husband allegedly cheating on her after noticing small details in mirror selfies he sent her while he was staying at a hotel.

“My husband sent me pics trying to look all cute in his suite at the casino but I noticed some odd things now he is single can you guess what it is?” TikTok user @shesough wrote in the now-viral video.

She included two of his selfies in the video, which is aptly set to Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” and has been viewed over 4.4 million times.

man taking mirror selfie
man taking mirror selfie with text overlayed on the photo

Viewers flocked to the comments to take their guesses.

“Hair straightener looks pretty sus,” one TikToker commented, with another saying, “I SAW THE STRAIGHTENER IMMEDIATELY.”

Others pointed out how he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. “You guys are missing the fact he ain’t got no RING on,” one said.

“Women’s body wash, contact solution (if he doesn’t have contacts ofc), green cap Cetaphil face wash (I think), straightener, comb,” another astute TikToker guessed.

In Body Image
In Body Image

In a second video, @shesough reveals what the giveaways were. “The very first thing I noticed when he sent me those two pictures was, of course, the straightener. … That’s the very first thing I saw. The second thing I noticed was the purse on the floor,” she explains.

She also reveals that she confronted her husband. And while he allegedly told her the photos were taken in his friend’s room, she isn’t “believing it.”

“I’m not believing it … that’s just all too sketchy. Why are you in someone else’s room taking photos?” she questions.

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