A woman filling up a small gas tank.


‘F*ck you, I have a Porsche’: Woman allegedly steals gas from TikToker

‘I don’t drive a f*cking piece of shit.'


Dan Latu


Published Nov 12, 2021   Updated Nov 12, 2021, 12:56 pm CST

TikTok creator @mypg13acount captured the frantic moment when he caught a woman allegedly stealing gas from his pump and pouring it directly into her own can.

The video has now reached over 400,000 views, and users continue to weigh in on the incident.

The TikTok begins mid-altercation, with the woman hunched over the ground. 

“She’s taking our gas that we literally just parked in front of our gas and just started paying,” @mypg13aacount narrates. 

“How much did you put in there?” she barks at the two friends. 

“Where’s your car then?” one friend replies.

“No dude,” she says. “You’re a fucking dirtbag.” 


We went inside the gas station to pay, and when we come out we see this lady just robbing our gas #fyp

♬ original sound – Vitaly

Later on, she claims to drive a luxury sports car.

“Fuck you, I have a Porsche,” she yells at them. “I don’t drive a fucking piece of shit.”

“Damn, you must be broke as hell. That’s crazy,” the friend replies.

“No, you must be fucking a total loser,” the woman says storming off. 

Throughout the video, @mypg13acount’s camera stays on the woman, but neither he nor his friend approach the woman or attempt to stop her. Commenters have questioned why they didn’t intervene. 

“Bruhhh nawww i would of [sic] swung the way these gas prices lookin rn,” user @mar6uapp said.

“How yall just letting her take your gas?” @thegentlemeninparis wrote.

“Y u just standing and not throwing hands??” asked @sand._.dra. “Cause she’s a woman and I would go to jail lol,” replied @mypg13acount

The video ends with the woman walking away, but according to comments it does not appear that the friends tried to get their gas back.

“Please tell me you took that gas back or made her pay,” said boyerboy101. “Nah,” @mypg13acount replied. 

@mypg13acount did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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*First Published: Nov 12, 2021, 12:43 pm CST