woman speaking in car with caption 'the meeting's an hour away which will cost me $20 in gas' (l) woman speaking in car with caption 'like can you guys offer a zoom inclusive option they say no' (c) woman speaking in car with caption 'I say cool here's my resignation' (r)


‘I’m not gonna pay to go to a meeting’: Therapist quits job after they wouldn’t offer a Zoom option for a work meeting

‘I like to treat a job exactly like it treats me.’


Sarah Kester


Time is money. If anyone knows that, it’s a TikToker named Kenzie (@kenzdoestherapy). 

She’s a therapist who shared in a viral video that she quit her job after her workplace refused to offer a remote option for a meeting. The Daily Dot reached out to Kenzie via TikTok comment. 

“Yeah, I don’t know who needs to hear this today but fuck that job,” she began in her video posted on Jan. 1. She added that she’s a “professional job quitter,” saying, “I’ll dip. I’ll dip.” 

@kenzdoestherapy Tell them Aunt Kenzie gave you the day off. #leftist #leftisttok #capitalism #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #mentalhealth #depressiontok #advocate #antiwork #antiworktiktok ♬ original sound – kenzie

She explained that she had some meeting schedule conflicts with her former employer. “My availability, by the way, is from 9am to 5pm. I have kids; I’m a single mother. I have to get them to school,” she said. 

The meeting was located an hour away, which says would cost $20 in gas just to attend. And since she had to drive her kids to school, she would only make about 30 minutes of that meeting, which equates to a measly $8 pay. 

Plus, she would be missing billable time with her client. “I’m not going to pay to go to a meeting,” she said. 

Zoom would have helped, as it makes it possible for employees to attend meetings from pretty much anywhere. But when Kenzie asked them for a Zoom option, her company said no. 

In response, Kenzie quit. “I say cool, here’s my resignation,” she recalled, holding out her palm. 

As a therapist, she gave her 2 cents on why it’s important to always put yourself first. 

“People act like I just have the audacity that I’ll just quit a fucking job, but I will because they don’t give a fuck about me,” she explained, adding, “They don’t give a fuck about you. They give a fuck about profits.” 

She concluded her post by giving viewers permission to advocate for themselves. “Aunt Kenzie says it’s okay,” she said. “Fuck that job. Fuck your job, baby girl.”

In the comments, viewers applauded Kenzie for standing up for herself and knowing her worth. “I needed this today thank you,” one wrote. 

“The girls that get, get it. Thank you for normalizing this,” a second commented. “I tell my friends this n they look at me in horror.”

“Gen Z gonna change the world,” a third commented. “I like to treat a job exactly like it treats me,” wrote a fourth.  

Many people in the comments expressed that they have no problem leaving a job that no longer serves them. “When I dip, I’ll dip, we dip,” a user shared. 

“I have enough qualifications to change careers on a moments notice,” seconded another. 

Some, however, believe that you shouldn’t quit a job without a backup. “I agree with you, but don’t do it unless you already have another job or have the means to,” a user wrote. “No one’s responsible for providing for you as an adult.”

Another person agreed: “Great, if you have support, but not an option for everyone. I’m a single mom of a toddler and just got out of being homeless. His stability comes 1st,” a mother commented. 

A third argued that quitting shouldn’t always be the first option. “I just say I’m not able to make the meeting and ask my manager to fill me in at our 1:1. Quitting impulsively isn’t always the answer,” this user wrote with a heart emoji. 

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