Vigilante squad posts flyers on college campus to fight ‘diversity garbage’

texas state vigilantes flyer

Screengrab via Scribd


On Day 3 of Trump’s America, a “vigilante squad” has been posting flyers around Texas State University calling for people to arm themselves against “diversity garbage.”

According to KXAN, the flyer details plans to arrest and “tar and feather” university leaders, and to place piranhas in the Rio Grande, and to place “illegal messicans” in tent camps. It also says, “Diversity is just another way of wanting someone else to give you something you don’t deserve—in this case by the color of your skin you are ‘entitled.’” Which is awful funny coming from a bunch of white people whose chosen candidate didn’t even win the popular vote. 

Texas State Police are now investigating the flyers.

Since Trump’s election, there have been numerous outbursts of racism across the country, from violent incidents committed by individuals, to a KKK parade in North Carolina. The Southern Poverty Law Center has counted 80 such crimes since Trump was elected. If you see or have been a victim of a hate crime, you can report it here.

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