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‘Currently at Texas Roadhouse waiting on my bar drinks for 23 minutes’: Texas Roadhouse server calls out restaurant’s bartenders

'Maybe if Texas did a tip out for well drinks I’d prioritize them more.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Oct 19, 2022

The struggle between employees is ever-present, and one Texas Roadhouse server went viral for appearing to call out the bartenders at work for being too slow.

Trevor Carrasco (@trevorcarrasco0) posted a short clip to TikTok, in which he appears to call out the bartenders at Texas Roadhouse, where he works, for being too slow to serve up drinks. In the video, which has received 149,000 views as of this writing, Trevor shakes hands with the bartenders, and everyone appears to be in good spirits. 

When he steps away, Trevor lip-syncs to the voiceover, which says: “Fucking punkass bitch,” suggesting Trevor is not actually happy with his co-workers. The text overlay reads: “Me telling the bartenders bye after they ran 20 minute tickets all night,” suggesting that the server is actually annoyed with the bartenders for being too slow to fulfill each order ticket. 

@trevorcarrasco0 All jokes they be slaying back there. ✨🧢✨ #fyp #server #bartender ♬ original sound – ryn!!!!!!

It’s clear from the caption, which reads, “All jokes they be slaying back there,” the video is all in good fun, but that didn’t stop viewers from sounding off in the comments. 

Other servers on the app also called out the slow bartenders they worked with. “Stop talking to your bar guest for 2 minutes and make my ticket!!!” one person said. 

“Me after tipping out 20% to the bussers who didn’t bus shit,” said another, appearing to call out the restaurant’s buspeople for taking too long to clear tables. 

One alleged customer claimed that he was “currently at texas roadhouse waiting on my bar drinks for 23 minutes.” 

But the allegedly slow bartenders didn’t take all the criticism from their server colleagues lying down. Some of them also hopped in the comments to provide their side of the story. “Me when servers leave drinks sitting in my well for 20 minutes,” one said, referring to slow servers who don’t immediately take drinks from the bar to their customers.

“Maybe if Texas did a tip out for well drinks I’d prioritize them more,” pointed out another user who also seems to have bartending experience at the restaurant. However, the creator argued there was little chance of that happening, claiming, “Like Texas give a damn lol.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Trevor via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Oct 19, 2022, 1:02 pm CDT