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Texas woman uses coupon-clipping skills to help Hurricane Harvey survivors

What she spends on a full shopping cart of items is impressive.


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If you have the know-how and patience, extreme couponing is a great way to save money. It’s also how San Antonio, Texas, resident Kimberly Gager is helping Hurricane Harvey survivors gain essential supplies in the wake of the storm’s extensive damage.

Gager, who has a self-confessed coupon addiction, uses Facebook to reach out to Hurricane Harvey survivors who need supplies. Then, with donated money and coupons for supplies, she goes shopping. She even drops off her purchases in person or hands them over to families when they stop by.

Gager herself isn’t a stranger to hurricanes. She lost her home in Virginia during Hurricane Floyd in 1999. At the time, she was stationed with the U.S. Navy, and her entire apartment was flooded by the storm. So once Harvey struck, she immediately empathized with her fellow Texans’ experiences.

“I was looking at all the stories and pictures of houses and everything under water in Harvey and knew I had to do something,” Gager told ABC News.

Since starting her couponing donations, she’s helped over 30 groups and families impacted by the storm. Her next plan is to reach out to Hurricane Irma evacuees in need.

“I don’t plan to cut it off until I know that people are OK,” Gager told ABC News. “Something as small as a bottle of body wash, stick of deodorant, or a tube of toothpaste, I know how that felt during Hurricane Floyd, and people are so grateful for that.”

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