Teen Fidelity is less creepy and more thoughtful than its name suggests

Here's why it's worth your money.

May 7, 2020, 2:13 pm*


John-Michael Bond 

John-Michael Bond

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Teen Fidelity

Teen Fidelity is a relatively new site considering how long its owner, Kelly Madison, has been making porn. Madison made her name with the launch of her eponymous porn site in 1999, and its first spinoff, Porn Fidelity, launched in 2003. Seven years later, Madison and her husband Ryan launched Teen Fidelity, a site focused exclusively on new, young (but not underage) porn stars. With so many teen-themed porn sites, is a Teen Fidelity membership worth it? From cost to features to blind spots, here’s what you need to know.

Teen Fidelity cost

1 Month Special Offer$9.95

You’ll notice that Teen Fidelity’s pricing is a little odd. The monthly cost, $29.99, is the industry standard. But when you see the cost of buying three months at a time, there’s no discount. You get three months for $89.85—which is just $29.99 times three. You’ll occasionally find a sale on Teen Fidelity’s three-month subscription, but it’s not guaranteed. As we said, it’s odd. 

Teen Fidelity membership benefits

1) 369 scenes and counting 

Teen Fidelity updates once a week with a brand new scene ranging from 30 to 60 minutes long. The sheer variety of scenes—all exploring fantasies about college-age women—might surprise you. While artfully shot, Teen Fidelity porn is hardcore and doesn’t shy away from kinks. 

2)  Stunning 4K pictures

Since 2015, Teen Fidelity has been shooting its content in gorgeous 4K video. For some porn sites, shooting in Ultra HD doesn’t matter because the content isn’t well-lit or shot. Teen Fidelity bucks that trend with its artful staging, lighting, and overall vibe. As you watch each scene, you’ll appreciate every minute detail the picture adds. The Kelly Madison brand knows how to make 4K look like it’s worth every penny. 

3) Great directing

The direction of a scene is the most underappreciated aspect of porn, but it’s just as important as in any genre. That’s particularly true on a Teen Fidelity, where the content is based on popular porn tropes about hooking up with college-age women. Luckily, the creators properly set up each scene. When there’s a plot, they give you an idea of what fantasy is being explored via brief character scenes that are still sexy. In quicky gonzo scenes, they use lighting and setting to elevate above familiar cliches. It’s nice to watch porn and think, “Hey, that’s well made.” 

4) GIF previews of each scene during navigation

Teen Fidelity makes finding the perfect scene little easier by adding GIFs to its navigation pages. Just rest your cursor over the thumbnail for the scene, and it will start auto-playing a clip. We’re not sure why this feature isn’t standard on porn sites, but it should be. 

5) Lets you search men and women

Most porn sites focus exclusively on the women they feature, making it difficult to find scenes from your favorite male performers. Teen Fidelity, however, includes men in its general performers page, plus has an option to search male or female talent. This is a small thing, but it’s welcome.

6) Bonus content

Signing up to Teen Fidelity also gets you access to Kelly Madison’s bonus content. The studio has partnered with companies like Vivid and Mr. Skin to provide 100,000 extra scenes. You’ll get full movies, one-off scenes, and even oddities like nude scenes from movies. The bonus videos don’t hold up to the standard of the main site, but it’s a nice something extra. 


7) Mix of new faces and established stars

There’s a major benefit to being a college-age focused site that been around for over a decade: You start to build up a back catalog. Thanks to its longevity, Teen Fidelity features a wonderful mix of beloved big names like Remy Lacroix new starlets like Hannah Hays. If you’ve enjoyed someone in porn in the last 10 years, there’s a decent chance they’ve shot something for Teen Fidelity. 

8) Membership to Kelly Madison and Porn Fidelity 

Teen Fidelity puts out some great content, but its once-a-week update schedule may make you hesitate to commit. That’s why you should know your subscription also includes access to Kelly Madison and Porn Fidelity. Each of these sites updates once a week, giving you three new porn scenes every seven days. When you add up all the content on the sites that come with your Kelly Madison membership, it’s over 2,300 scenes with more every week. You get more for your money, and the other sites are just as good. 

Teen Fidelity membership cons

1) Terrible search

Given how easy Teen Fidelity makes finding porn stars, we’re stunned at how bad its search function is. You can’t search for scenes by kink or tags, which makes no sense on a site that puts so much effort into exploring kinks. We hope Teen Fidelity and all the Kelly Madison sites throw their fans a bone and add a basic search function. 

2) It’s only worth your money if you use all three included sites

One update a week isn’t much when you’re paying $29.99 a month for access to a site. Thankfully, all three of the Kelly Madison sites, including Teen Fidelity, are high quality and together give you three new scenes a week. If all you want is Teen Fidelity videos, four scenes a month makes it hard to justify the price. Still, we think the whole package will win you over. 

3) A sneaky “special offer” at check out

When you go to check out on Teen Fidelity, you’ll see a box asking if you want a two-day trial of 5Kporn.com for $1. Here’s the problem: If you forget to cancel, you’ll get charged $29.99 for a full month. It’s an even bigger problem because the box wasn’t automatically checked “yes” when the page loads. We feel like some users could accidentally get signed up and frankly, that sucks. Be careful. 

4) Lack of diversity

While Kelly Madison and Porn Fidelity all feature relatively diverse casts of performers, Teen Fidelity doesn’t. There are a few scenes featuring Asian and Latinx women or Black men, but that’s about it. We were disappointed by this result, and we hope Teen Fidelity catches up with its sister sites in the future. 

5) No discount for a long term subscription 

We already talked about the price, but it’s worth mentioning again. Unless you’re buying during a sale, you don’t get a discount for subscribing for multiple months. We hope Teen Fidelity changes its price model in the future because it’d turn a good deal into a great value. 

Is Teen Fidelity worth it?

Teen Fidelity is a great porn site with truly creative, kinky, and hot content. It avoids most of the creepy age play stuff its name might suggest and instead delivers smart, thoughtfully directed content. This is hardcore porn, down to the fetishes—and it’s shot beautifully. 

Beyond the solid 4K content Teen Fidelity offers on its own, you also get two other world-class porn sites and countless oddball porn videos as a cherry on top. We wish Kelly Madison would get its full-price cost more in line with other porn companies, but we’ll forgive some strange pricing when the final product is great. A Teen Fidelity  membership is worth your money. 

1 Month Special Offer$9.95

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