Australian catalog features model with hijab, Islamophobic comments commence

Recently, Target Austrailia (not to be confused with Target in America, despite both companies having the exact same logo and slogan, because they are in no way affiliated) released its back-to-school catalog, featuring a woman wearing a hijab. While some praised the inclusiveness, Conservative Twitter took the time to point out that Islam is dangerous, Muslims are a threat, and Target doesn’t get to push its alleged liberal leftist agenda.

While there was a bevy of Islamaphobic sentiments over the ad, others pointed out that Australians are a diverse bunch and there’s nothing wrong with representing that diversity. 

In the same catalog, Target also featured a girl with leg braces.

So for those who still think diversity in representation is bad, or only bad when referring to Muslims, here are several explainers on the many reasons women wear the hijab—and none of them are about being a threat to naysayers’ personal freedom.

Editor’s Note: This article has been rewritten to clarify that the Target in Australia is no way related to Target Corp. in America. We regret the error.                          

Mehak Anwar

Mehak Anwar

Mehak Anwar is a reporter whose work focuses on LGBTQ rights, intersectional feminism, and race. Her byline has appeared in Bustle and the Huffington Post.