Elementary student with spastic cerebral palsy completes inspirational run

matt w run

This incredible video captures one boy’s determination to finish what he started, with help from his supportive classmates. 

Sometimes finishing a race is far more important than the time it takes to complete it.

That was the case for Matt W., an elementary student from Ohio who chose to participate in the field day at Colonial Hills Elementary School, despite his spastic cerebral palsy.

The event, captured in a YouTube video posted on May 27, is an inspirational and heartwarming feat of friendship and determination, as his fellow students and coach help encourage Matt as he begins to falter in the race.

Filmed and posted by Matt’s uncle, “Boy Inspires Kids – Kids Inspire Us All (Amazing Finish)” was discovered by The Daily What and Reddit on Tuesday, prompting immediate reactions from viewers.

“GODDAMN ONIONS,” redditor shakitlikasaltshakr joked, making light of the video’s ability to make ordinary people cry.

The top comments on YouTube belong to users claiming to be Matt’s parents.

“Thank you everyone for your kind words!” mother Anne Curran wrote, Matt W.’s mother, on YouTube.

“Matt has the heart of an athlete. He had been looking forward to this run for a long time. His classmates cheering for him kept him going. Thank you to the kids and community of Colonial Hills, Worthington, Ohio!”

Fruzsina Eördögh

Fruzsina Eördögh

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