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‘Pisses me off every time I see her name’: Starbucks worker puts customer’s ‘just syrup’ order on blast

'Tell me you don't like coffee by not telling me you don't like coffee.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Oct 4, 2022

A Starbucks barista called out an apparent repeat customer for ordering a cold brew with several customizations. The customizations included many pumps of different syrup flavors, leading the grande cup to be half-full with syrup.

Posted by @angry_barista, the video, which was viewed 31,000 times, is part of a series of videos showcasing customers whose orders reflect they don’t “like coffee.”

“Tell me you don’t like coffee by not telling me you don’t like coffee,” a text overlay on the video reads.

The voiceover indicates the customer is a regular. “Pisses me off every time I see her name,” it says.

The order, according to the drink label featured in the video, is a grande salted caramel cold brew with light ice, six pumps of vanilla, seven pumps of caramel syrup, eight pumps of toffee nut syrup, seven pumps of white mocha, a cinnamon dolce top, and an apple drizzle.

The Starbucks employee then provides a breakdown of the order for viewers.

“From here to here is just syrup,” the worker says, pointing out how half the cup is filled with syrup before noting just how little actual coffee the customer would be getting if they followed the “standard.” “This would be the amount of cold brew we would pour in her drink.”

“Since she got light ice, we would give her a tad bit more,” the TikToker says. “That won’t make a difference with the amount of syrup she has in this cup. Now would be the ice, and followed by the salted cold foam.”

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Some viewers, implying they also work for the coffee chain, shared their own experiences with customers who wanted an excessive amount of additions to their coffee.

“There’s a lady that comes and orders a tall white chocolate mocha with 12 pumps of White Mocha everyday,” one commenter wrote.

“The other day we were training a green bean on cold bar and one of the first orders she got to make for a customer was an iced coffee with 23 pumps,” another commenter wrote.

Starbucks has been criticized in the past for the number of customizations it allows customers to make via its mobile-ordering app. However, the chain pushed back on the criticism at the time, claiming most customers don’t abuse the unlimited customizations and that customizations are at the “heart” of the customer experience.

The Daily Dot reached out to @angry_barista via TikTok comment and Starbucks via email.

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2022, 12:50 pm CDT