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‘Like I care‘: A Karen tried to hurt a Starbucks barista’s feelings by screaming that she is ‘never coming back’ to the store

'Did she really think I would say no please come back?'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Sep 2, 2021

A TikTok video of a Starbucks barista holding back laughter after a Karen walked into a Starbucks location after closing and screamed she would never come back has gone viral.

The clip has garnered 266,000 views and 46,000 likes since being posted to the platform on Tuesday.

Posted by @anab7.3, the video shows the barista trying to clean the Starbucks location, situated in an airport, after closing time. A woman approaches and asks to buy a glass travel cup. When the barista tells her that they are closed and cannot serve her because the store does not have an active cash register, the unseen woman yells out, “I’m never coming back.”


As the barista shrugs off the woman’s outburst.

“Did she really think I would say no please come back?” the poster notes using the text overlay and text-to-speech effect. “Like I care dumb ass. I was trying not to laugh the face that she made was so funny. [I don’t know] how she even got in we blocked all the areas.”

@anab7.3 clarified in the comments section of the video that the woman wasn’t just asking for a “regular plastic cup,” she wanted to purchase store merchandise and that the cash register had already been shut down for the day.

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Many commenters joked about how important the woman seemingly thought she was. “Oh no whatever will Starbucks do without one Karen’s business,” one sarcastically commented, to which the TikToker sarcastically quipped back: “We’ll shut down the store.”

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Others shared similar experiences they have had while working in customer service and how they would have responded in the situation.

“I would’ve been extremely sarcastically dramatic,” one commenter wrote. “I would’ve been like… ‘nooooo! please come back! We need you!!!! and laugh hysterically after.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to @anab7.3 about the video.

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2021, 9:19 am CDT